TIPIX major benefits
  • TIPIX is a 3 kW transmitter designed for IP surveys and for deep resistivity soundings. 
  • It is microprocessor controlled for ease of operation and protection against misuse. 
  • A four line alphanumeric display is provided for the simultaneous indication of all output parameters: output current, output voltage, contact resistance and output power are continuously displayed 
  • A standard motor generator can be used to power the TIPIX 

TIPIX main features
  • The TIPIX will generate up to 2 400 volts for work in high resistivity areas and up to 13 amperes for low resistivity regions. 
  • The TIPIX is designed for ease of operation. Four buttons on the front panel are used to select the desired options and to increase or decrease the current. 
  • Limit values of voltage, current or power can be introduced. 
  • Messages and warnings are displayed in case of problem or malfunction, for an easier identification of a trouble and a quicker instrument servicing.
  • Controlled by GPS for precise timing and multiple tx used.

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